Stop complaining about diet pills not working


I get a lot of comments from people bashing one diet pill or another because “it was a waste of money!” My post for today, stop complaining about diet pills not working!

Yeah, I hear a lot of bitching and complaining from all kinds of people when it come to a diet pill not working or that a diet pill is a scam. When I ask how long they have been taking it I have gotten  responses like “only three or four days.”

I know not everybody knows or even cares about the physiology of the body and how long It can take for chemicals to build up in the blood stream,  but come on!

You got let your body grow into it. It is not going to happen over night. Rule number one – Stop complaining about diet pills not working until you have given it a real shot of at least 15 days.

It is all a growth process for you body to adjust. It is a lot like actually growing. It is not going to happen over night.

Even people who take growth supplement to get some height don’t grow in three or four days. It takes time. Hell even the number one growth supplement on the market, Growth Factor Plus, can take up to 6 months to work fully.

With that being said they also guarantee that you will grow at least two inches or you get all you money back. read all about Growth Factor Plus here at this link :

The bottom line is that you have to give any diet pill, medication, or supplement time to work and 3 or 4 days just isn’t going to cut it. Anyway if you are looking for more info on diet pills check out my post on 5 things you should do before trying any diet pill.

Thanks for reading my post on stop complaining about diet pills not working. Have a good one.

Why diet pills are bad

In my last post I wrote why I thought diet pills are good, and in this post I am going to over why diet pills are bad.

Before I get into that I have to say I am a fan of using diet pills and are not against them in any way, but I wanted to hit the flip side of the coin in a two part blog post. So, on with the show…Why diet pills are bad.

From time to time diet pills do get a bad rap. To be more specific the companies that make these pill get a bad rap for putting a supplement or pill that is complete shit. They market the hell out of them and soon enough people are pissed and go back to the “diet pills work.” So why not forget diet pills all together?

Sometimes people get sick from diet pills because either they are shit diet pills or people take to many. Some times people use diet pills as a crutch and think that if they simply take diet pills and eat burgers that they will lose weight.

Bottom line diet pills can be like a fungus. They keep creeping up on you and soon enough you have a full blown fungal infection. So what’s the answer? Well what would you use for a fungal infection?

You’d use an antifungal nail treatment to cure the fungal infection.  You’d probably want to use something all natural and homeopathic like Zeta Clear to take control of the fungal infection and clear it up.

To get more information on Zeta Clear and the top antifungal nail treatments you can click here

Any way that’s my take on why diet pills are bad, well that was my take on the subject. Do your self a favor and do some of your own research on it and check out

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Why are diet pills good


When I tell people I run a small blog about diet pills I am often asked what is the best diet pill, but the other day I was asked something I have never been asked before. Why are diet pills good?

I didn’t have a good answer at the time, but since then I have thought a lot about it, and I think I have a pretty good answer.

First off, to answer the question why are diet pills good, you have to look several factors. The first being who do they help? Are there any benefits? What about the companies who scam people? I am not going to go each one because I want you to do some digging on your own. I want you to find out for yourself.

Where to start looking:
Google is a great place to start looking for answers. Besides doing the research for yourself will help you grow at least a little. It is just like an all natural supplement I have heard of called growth factor plus. This supplement help people to grow naturally between 2 and 4 inches in as short as ninety days.

Just like you doing the research on your own to grow growth factor plus will help you grow literally. Maybe you should start by researching Growth Factor plus. Click here to see a no bullshit and real review of this natural supplement.

If you are going to research diet pills I suggest you check out a research study done at Duke University in North Carolina. Here is the link:

As always if you have any questions or comments hit up the contact page and I’ll do what I can to answer your questions.

Thanks for reading and check out my last post here.

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Get taller for weight loss


Yep, that’s right. I mean it. getting taller is going to thin you out. Period. Even if it is just a couple inches.

I know you are thinking that I must be absolutely crazy, but I am totally serious.

So I bet you are wondering how to get taller naturally? It really is super simple. Try an all natural growth supplement. This no joke. They work and they are great for gaining up to about 4 inches in height.

You see, these growth supplements  work to naturally stimulate the pituitary gland in your brain to crank up natural growth hormone in you body in a natural process. I dude I go to the guy with tried it for about 4 months and grew 2 solid inches.

We had a bunch of conversations about growth supplements and he told me that not only do they make you grow, but also strengthen joints and cartilage as well as tone muscle.

Oh yeah, the best part there are NO SIDE EFFECTS! That I couldn’t believe, so I started doing my own research and that it is true.  Click here to see the GFP side effects. One of the better websites I found was about the top growth supplement reviews. The top pick of growth supplement was one called Growth Factor Plus. I did a little digging and found that almost every growth factor plus review I read was awesome. Here is a link to one of my favorite Growth Factor Plus reviews:

People really do get a lot from this all natural supplement. I found a bunch or articles about the growth factor plus side effects and found no one had any adverse side effects. I really urge you to check out this awesome growth supplement and to check out this article on Human Growth Hormone.

Also you might want to check out my post onForget Diet Pills

Forget diet pills

dietpillsIn an effort to change things up why not dump diet pills and try a different approach if what ever you are doing isn’t working or isn’t working fast enough.

What am I talking about? I am talking about using a different approach to weight loss, but this way takes a lot more dedication and really requires you to get off your ass.

Pre-workout supplements are an EPIC energy booster. Many are theromogenic and that means you will be burning more calories and in turn means you will lose weight. Simply by following the age old advice of burning more calories than you consume will make you lose weight.

Using pre-workout supplement means you will have energy to go for a run or really hit the gym hard. The most important thing to remember is that you have to do the fucking work. This approach is not for slackers who want to sit on the couch and eat bon bons while melting fat away.

I have test out a bunch of pre-work supplement and I am no fan of powers that mix in to nasty tasting shakes. I found a really powerful pre-work out that is in a gel cap form that you have to take only one 30 min before you work out. It is not like some others that require you to take 2 or 4 or 6 to get maximum effects.

Calsiplex Sport is in the top 3 best selling pre-workout supplements category when it come to dietary supplements. If you want to read a bad ass no bull capsiplex sport review click the link below and if you happening to be looking for the answer to how does casiplex sport work click this link.

All in all you really should do your own research and learn all you can before you take any supplement. Any yes, you should talk to your doctor. A super place t get info about supplements is here at Muscle&Fitness.

Want more information about weight loss? Read common side effects of diet pills and 5 thing you need to know.

A supplement you probably haven’t tried for weight loss

pre-workout pillsSo, yeah…there about a trillion different types of diet pills out there that cost a shit ton of cash. Maybe you have tried a bunch and not been successful, maybe you just haven’t found the right one…yet.

Pre workout supplements. Have you tried any? You may be thinking “I’m not a body builder, I don’t need that shit.” Well, I am here to you that not all, but some pre workout supplements are just effective, if not more that regular diet pills.

What the hell am I talking about?

Most all pre workout supplements give you a boost of energy. Many also give you superior mental focus. Some are also thermogenic.


Thermogenics is the process of speeding up your metabolism and processing fats. So if you are in the market for a diet pill and you need a boost of energy and want to burn a ton of calories you may want to check out a thermogenic pre workout supplement.

Capsiplex Sport is one I have used on and off for a while now. I have used it as a pre workout supplement, but this guy at my guy tells me is also used as a weight loss pill.

I did a little research in to Capsiplex Sport and found out how awesome it really is. Below I put a link to a page explaining exactly how does Capsiplex Sport work will give you a SUPER overview of this badass pre workout / diet pill. Click here to read all about it.

You can also check out this link to the best pre workout supplements:

I would advise that before taking ANY dietary supplement that you talk to a health care professional first…and do your own research! has great info about vitamins and supplements. I recommend checking them out for yourself.

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Don’t get ripped off buying diet pills

Don't get ripped off buying diet pills

There so many diet pills out there on the market today it can be hard to know what is good and what is garbage. With that being said there are still a ton of sites that are dedicated to writing solid reviews and providing good information.

If you have done searching on line for reviews of diet pill I am sure you have run across millions (that’s no joke) of sites with “reviews of diet pills only to be linked to some fly by night web site that is hoping to get your hard earned cash.

Here are some quality sites you might want to check out for REAL review the next time you are in the market for diet pills

1. Men’s health:
They’ve got just about everything under the sun when it come to all things health related.

2. Muscle Fitness:
When it comes to diet and supplement information there is probably no better place to get solid information.

3. Web MD
Not only can you check symptoms of all sorts of wild medical problems, you can also get a wide range of info related to over the counter diet pills and home remedies. I actually was able to find an awesome all natural antifungal nail treatment for the these yellow nails I had. I ended up using an all natural nail treatment called Zeta Clear to fix my nails to be specific. Read my zeta clear review here.

4. Consumer Search:
They have just about everything under the sun here. If you can buy it they have got info for it and a bout a bizallion review from actual customers that tell you their experience whit what ever you are looking for.

Looking to buy diet pills in stores?

So if you have read my little blog at all you know I am a big fan of the fat burner Phen375. I got a couple emails this week asking if I knew what stores it is sold in. It is sad to say, but you can’t buy Phen375 in any stores, but you can order it on-line. Here is a link that you can read all about it:

You aren’t going to find it at GNC, Walgreens, Wal-Mart, Amazon, or E-Bay though. You can only order from the company’s official website. And even if you are able to find it on one of the sites I listed above you wouldn’t be able to get a money back guarantee when you ordered it.

There is a discount offer going on right now where you can get an extra 30 tablets if you order 90. So, it’s like getting another months worth of pills absolutely free.

If you are looking for more information, you can read an actual Phen375 review and get a ton of information about this great diet pill. The review covers ingredients, side effects, as well as other diet fat burning pills that compete with it. Click here to see the review

If you aren’t sure about taking diet pills check out my post on the 5 things you should do before trying any diet pill or common side effects of diet pills

Please remember to always talk to a doctor and get all the best information about health risks of any pill you might take. You can find a ton of great info about health and diet info at

Common Side Effects of Diet pills

It doesn’t matter what type medication or pill you are taking there are going to some sort of side effects. Now, many are mild or hardly noticeable, but for some them can be a real issue. Here are the most common side effects of diet pills. This is not a complete list of side effects, but it will give you an idea of some of the most common. The fat burner I used to help me lost weigh had almost no side effects. you can read about the Phen375 side effects by clicking the link below:

Increased heart rate:
This can be mildly uncomfortable to down right scary. This is one of the side effects that you should absolutely talk with a doctor about if you have ANY heart related conditions.

More than any thing, for me anyway, this can be awfully annoying. If not getting enough sleep or just tossing turning in bed is going to be a problem you may want to try something that doesn’t have this as a side effect.

Nervousness / Anxiety :
If you are like me at all, the feeling of anxiousness or nervousness is terrible. When I was taking diet pills I really tried to avoid fat burners and diet pills where this was a problem.

Head Aches :
Now, I hate head aches, but for me a little aspirin usually helped out. Again if this is going to be a problem for you  might want to look for something else.

You can read all about a bunch of different side effects for different types of diet pills and fat burners here at or you can read a review all about my pick for an awesome diet pill at Phen375 Overview by going here

Read my post about 5 things you should do before trying any diet pill here

Check out my post on buying diet pills in stores

5 things you should do before trying any diet pill

diet-pillsI am for sure no expert, and am not a doctor, but here is a short of recommendations I think you should check out before trying any diet pills. Click here to see my number 1 choice.

1. Talk with your doctor
Before you try any diet pill it is incredibly important that you talk with a doctor. This is especially true if you have and medical condition or are taking any medication or supplement that have adverse reactions with anything you are taking.

2. Check side effects
Different diet pills will have different side effects. Some will be more than mild than others, but there is something you need to understand. Just because you know someone who has taken a certain type of diet pill but did not have any adverse side effects does not mean you won’t have any side effects.

3. Set realistic expectations
If you are like me, you probably get really excited when trying something new. No matter what a diet pill claims the results may be different. You may want to lose 5 pounds in the first week, but you might only lose 1 pound. That does not mean that the pills don’t work, but either your body may need to adjust or a number of other things could be happening.

4. Check ingredients
With so many different ingredients going in to so many over the counter diet pills it can be a headache trying to keep up with it all. I suggest doing a little investigation of your own just to be on the safe side.

5. Decide on OTC diet pills or prescription
No matter what you decide, be it prescription,  over the counter diet pills or fat burners like Phen375, make sure you have at least talked with a doctor. I can’t stress this enough. Anyway there are pros and cons to both so take your time and check both options out.


You can read my post about common diet pill side effects here